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Baby Raven playing with one of her kids.

Baby Raven playing with one of her kids.

Welcome to Azel Standard Poodles

We are excited to share our love for poodles with you. Poodles are amazing dogs, a very versatile breed that can be found throughout the history holding prominent positions in a variety of canine "jobs." These include law enforcement, search and rescue, hunting and retrieving, herding, therapy, agility, obedience, conformation competitions, advertisements and product promotions (just to name a few). Above all, poodles are exceptionally skilled at winning the hearts and life long devotion of their owners. If you are looking for a confident, intelligent, loyal, and beautiful poodle to love and be loved, to be an integral part of your family, then please browse the site and information here.  Contact us with any questions that you may have. 

     About Azel


As a young girl it was my dream to one day own a poodle. I was so impressed with one Poodle, Ch. Rimskittle Ruffian, shown in the best in show (BIS) ring during the 1980 Westminster Kennel Club dog show. I fell in love with the breed, and from that day on, my sweet mutt Fluffy was an honorary show poodle who happily allowed me many wonderful hours of imaginary BIS wins.


I purchased my first Standard poodle in 1998. The experience of owning a standard poodle was everything I expected and much, much more. From that moment on, I was happily, helplessly addicted. I love this breed. I am dedicated to maintaining everything that makes poodles great, being sure that my breeding efforts contribute to the improvement of the breed. 


My breeding priorities include the following: health, temperament, intelligence, exceptional conformation, beauty, and type. No breed, including all varieties of the Poodle, is free of health issues.  I highly recommend you browse the health information section of the parent breed club's website (Poodle Club of America) and know about the health issues which may affect some or all varieties of poodles.  While testing is available for many issues, there are still quite a few issues which we cannot test for.  Azel's poodles are given a medical exam and are fully tested prior to any consideration for breeding. Assessments include  - Testing for vonWillebrands, Sebaceous Adenitis, Neonatal Encephalopathy.  As other tests become available and reliable, they will be added. 

Our poodles are intelligent. They are playful, interactive, sweet, sometimes calm, sometimes clownish, confident, and well adjusted. Puppies are in our home, not in a kennel, and are well-socialized from birth. We have three daughter who are very interactive with the puppies. Azel Poodles practices the BioSensor Program methods for early neurological stimulation. The dogs we breed are proven to meet the established breed standard in the conformation ring and will have earned championship titles. By the time your puppy is ready to join your family, it will have been evaluated by an objective third party for temperament, structure and obedience potential.


Welcoming a poodle into your life is not a task to be taken lightly. Understand that it is a lifelong commitment!  Poodles require an emotional connection and demand a permanent role as an integral member of the family. Their intelligence is a delight, and the right owner will find a good deal of joy in providing stimulating activities for the poodle mind. Being athletic dogs, they thrive on physical challenges, but are also content to be couch potatoes with their humans on a cozy, rainy day!   The return on your investment in their lives is undying love and total devotion.