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A Week Full of Blessings

 We have had a week full of blessing here at AZEL. Nine blessings to be exact. Whenever you breed dogs you must be prepared emotionally and  financially for anything to happen. We are fortunate that Raven had a quick and relatively easy delivery. Even then a breeder needs to be prepared to deal with the possibility of a fading puppy (no fault of their own of course).  All of our puppies were born healthy and are thriving. We count that as another blessing. Raven is a first time mother. She wasn't too keen on ..... um .... poo duty. I guess some poodles just think they are above that. LOL! She did, however, quickly learn that this was her job. She has turned out to be a wonderful mother and clearly enjoys spending time with her pups. Raven also has enough milk for her puppies with a little left over. Her offspring are becoming rather round due to their extra time at the endless milk bar. We haven't once needed to supplement a puppy with formula. 

Now I could tell you about my lack of sleep, a cold that is traveling through my family and has yet to reach me, the mountains of work that I need to get to, and so on, and so on, and so on ..........  

I prefer to just focus on my blessings. I have been blessed by 9 sweet puppies, a good mother dog, and no complications. I have a good feeling that this promising litter will continue to bless not only myself but the wonderful families that are waiting to take their new family member home. 

Welcome to the world little ones.