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Like mother like daughter

One of Raven's favorite tricks to perform is sitting in a begging position. She performed this behavior naturally, and we took advantage of the situation by adding the key words "sit pretty" to let her know that we would like to see this behavior repeated. It's a fun trick. When I feed the puppies I always talk to them and encourage them to communicate back to me that they want to eat. To my delight, two of Raven's daughters sat up in a begging position. I wish my camera had  been near by. I'm also sure that I'll be spending the next few weeks trying to get them to repeat this behavior. Moments like this make me think "sure I can keep 9 puppies," then I get to clean the potty pen and remember that 1 puppy is a lot of work, 9 is crazy thinking. So those of you who have a deposit on these puppies can rest easy knowing that while I really would love to keep them all, I always come to my senses.