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9 weeks

Our Raven x Cody puppies are 9 weeks old. The green collared boy, who is now known as Bo,  is with his forever family. He is continuing to learn proper house behaviors. He is also the center of attention among his owners grandchildren. Bo has an outgoing personality and an ability to make everyone fall in love with him. 

The Blue collared puppy, who is now known as Dayvah, has also gone to live with his forever family. He is enjoying playtime with his new sister Tashi, who is a beautiful Curly Coated Retriever. His family is head over heels in love with him. Dayvah has brought joy into his home. Both he and his new family are blessed to have each other.

If you visited us then you will remember our red collared boy, who is named Roman. He is the one who sits in an upright position, with his chest pumped outward as if he's poodle royalty. Our regal Roman will be going to his new family this weekend. He also has a sister waiting for him. Her name is Piper and she is a brown miniature poodle. Roman has a great life ahead of him. I have had the pleasure of visiting his new home and seeing his new bedroom. To say that he is going to be spoiled would be an understatement.

I'll admit that it's bitter sweet when the babies start to leave. I have a lot of love and tender care invested into each precious puppy. A few tears my fall after each one leaves however knowing that these puppies have gone on to live with wonderful people makes it easier. Until then I need to get off of the computer and do the important work of playing with puppies. 

you are welcome to call with any questions that you may have. I love to talk about poodles.