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CH Calisun Aris Inspiration To AZEL

    I had the privilege of watching Raven's sire, the magnificent London, win BISS, which stands for best in specialty show, at the Indiana Central Poodle Club in May of 2010. He was breathtaking. In that moment I knew that I wanted him in the pedigree for the next poodle that I would buy. I soon found out that he had been bred to a dog owned by Bev Crosby/Calisun Standard Poodles and Beth Harris/Aris Standard Poodles, whose call name is Sunny. After researching Sunny's pedigree and seeing pictures of her, I realized that this was a litter that I would be lucky get a pup from. I contacted Beth and Bev, knowing that it was a long shot since the litter was already on the ground and several weeks old. This long shot turned into a windfall of good fortune. Bev just so happened to have puppies that she was hanging onto to evaluate for show potential. Bev sent me a pic of Raven and I literally felt tingly. I can't thank Bev Crosby and Beth Harris enough for Raven. She is exquisite, bright, and confident. I love her dearly and I still get that tingly feeling when I look at her.  


    Raven started her show career at 9 months and finished her AKC championship a few months later as a puppy. She has fantastic movement and an eye catching presence in the ring. She is balanced. She has a gorgeous headpiece, proud chest, perfect eye, and and beautiful feet. Raven was professionally handled by Ann Rairigh. I'll always fondly remember watching Raven perform and listening to the admirations of fellow spectators. Raven loves attention and thrives in the spotlight. The show world was a perfect outlet for her. Since retiring she still commands attention. Raven is a show stopper at all of our local pet stores. She enjoys taking pictures with her fans and has come to expect it. Once a star, always a star. In our home she is the queen poodle. She rules over our pack with a gentle paw and commands respect from the other poodles with a simple glance of the eye. She is an intuitive poodle and has no problem picking up on the needs of both her human and animal family and friends. In addition she has a way of communicating her needs and wants. At times this seems supernatural, as if she had telepathic abilities. I'm told that a few of Raven's offspring also think they have Jedi mind powers. 

Raven is the mother of our Jewel, and Bravo. Jewel is an AKC champion and holds a lot of promise for our future here at Azel. Bravo is a magnificent young dog who will be entering the show world in 2016. We are very excited about him and I'll admit I pinch myself because he is a dream come true. His sister Abby, who is co/owned with another breeder will also be entering the show world in 2016. Abby is absolutely delightful, with wonderful conformation and eye-catching movement. Look for Bravo and Abby's page on our website (coming soon).  


Raven's Health Testing
NE ~ Clear
vWD ~ Clear
Eyes ~ Normal
DM ~ Normal
Hips ~ Good
Elbows ~ Normal
SA ~ Normal
Thyroid ~ Normal

Raven carries a black and cream color gene.
Click image to view Raven's pedigree.

Click image to view Raven's pedigree.

Click image to view Raven's Photo gallery.

Click image to view Raven's Photo gallery.